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Data Processing Experts

Research Platforms have more than ten years’ experience working within the Business Intelligence sector. We are the developers of Saiku Analytics and advocates of Open Source software.

Specialists in Data Processing

Core Competencies

    High Volume Data Processing

    Our Research Platforms experts have a wealth of specialist knowledge in a wide spectrum of data processing tools including Hadoop, Drill, and Spark.

    Whatever stage of the data processing journey you are on, our technicians will always be available to streamline your processes and make your systems more efficient.

    Our data driven approach to business also means we are constantly investigating and selecting the very best new technologies to add to our platforms,ensuring that we are always one step ahead of the competition and can guarantee delivery of a more complete and accurate view of your data.

    We pride ourselves on being able to infinitely scale our solutions as the size of your data grows. Whether you are working with Gigabytes, Terabytes or Petabytes we’ve always got you covered.

    Our processing services include:

    • Manual data entry / data capture
    • Data cleansing or enrichment
    • Data aggregation and summarization
    • Data tabulation and presentation
    • Statistical data analysis and interpretation
    • Database creation and updates
    • Data extraction
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    Machine Learning Business Solutions

    At Research Platforms, we are constantly exploring emerging trends in machine learning so that we can design the very best custom solutions to solve specific business-use cases. Our team are experts in powerful software applications such as Jupyter, Tensorflow, DL4j and Apache Spark, ensuring that - by adopting a machine learning mentality within their organisations – our users will always be leading the field.

    Our expertise includes:

    • Understanding customer behaviours and using them to predict the most sought-after future product/service
    • Accelerating execution time by implementing intelligent automation
    • Analysing past and present statistics to forecast a company’s revenue and other crucial metrics
    • Accessing the computational and storage infrastructure and using all the tools required to accelerate work in deep learning, in the cloud and at any scale
    • Exceeding customer expectations by implementing predictive analytics
    • Discovering valuable hidden opportunities by transforming the way data is collected, analysed, interpreted and presented
    • Developing future-ready business applications that learn and adapt with time and usage
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    Managed Big Data Platforms

    Research Platforms offers a significant competitive advantage over the platforms offered by other companies, which means the cost to our users is greatly reduced.

    Our use of systems automation considerably lowers the manhours and, therefore, the manhour costs that are usually spent managing a big data platform. In collaboration with our partners Canonical, we also provide end-to-end assistance for your data service platform. This guarantees you will always have expert support whenever you need it.

    Here's what else we can provide for you:

    • Fully managed servers either on-premises or in the cloud
    • Customised architecture dependent upon your unique data requirements
    • Enterprise-class SLA for data services
    • Complete access to all your machines all of the time
    • Monitoring and log management integration
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    Enterprise Search Engine Solutions

    Thanks to the tremendous volume of data that is being stored by businesses, gaining insight into the data you need is harder than ever. But that’s where Research Platforms can give you the advantage.

    We are experts in enterprise search engine solutions and understanding how to help our users locate the information they’re looking for quickly and effectively. Search platforms are no longer a business luxury, they are a business necessity. We can build indexing services and custom interfaces to suit any requirements, providing you with lightning-quick discovery services and enabling you to:

    • Catalogue your data in your own private search engine
    • Extract metadata to help enhance your search
    • Track changes over time
    • Keep your data totally secure
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    Implementation and Integration of Data Platforms

    Every data platform is different. That’s why we will always build a bespoke solution that works uniquely for you, and we’ll never shoehorn your valuable data into an off-the-shelf template. Our team delivers expert knowledge in data structures and how best to implement the solution that fits our customers’ requirements. Because integration into existing systems and work-flows is key, we can provide tailored work-flow integrations and connectors to common applications that ensure everything fits seamlessly together, avoiding the need for outliers.

    We will:

    • Spec, design and build your bespoke data solution
    • Ensure the solution interacts fully with your existing systems
    • Select the best software to fit your requirements and budget
    • Tune the data-flow to ensure optimum performance
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